IBG Global

IBG Global LLC is a Delaware registered Partnership that covers the entire world for export trade and investment purposes. Global sales and intelligence are critical to commercial entities operating in the world today: our firm is at the forefront of this direction as a practitioner. IBG Global offers key contacts and exclusive information in new global markets. IBG Global carries out high quality agent/distributor, end-buyer searches, research and in-country support specific to your company, industry and target market requirements. Using the IBG Global network, you get closer to the sales you need in the international business environment.

The International Business Group (IBG) is an association of private commercial consulting firms with staff in 75 global locations. IBG Global covers more than 200 country markets. IBG Global has completed export assistance projects for over 60,000 different companies and represents many corporate, national and sub-national entities engaged in export and investment assistance globally. In terms of practical assistance to companies, IBG Global has a wealth of experience that cannot be matched by other commercial groupings. Our approach is sales driven, based on what works in the global business environment.

We offer a range of trade and investment services to clients through our network of international trade and investment consulting offices covering markets in the Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.