Our Services

Zurcom International excels in promoting trade opportunities globally in both importing and exporting. While encouraging full participation in regional opportunities and providing a level of confidence to company representatives, we keep in mind your ultimate goal – the generation of sales in a new market. Key services we provide are:

  • Agent / distributor qualified searches
  • Market research
  • Finance sourcing
  • Investment assistance
  • Trade Missions
  • Trade and Investment Exhibitions and Events

This office has advanced national and sub-national interests through trade missions, company in-country visits, presentations to local businesses and a host of other activities. Notably, this office provides a flexible service to companies. No two companies will have exactly the same requirements and meeting the very different needs of companies in the market is important.

Regional coverage is across Africa and the Caribbean. Zurcom has staff across many countries of Africa and the Caribbean.

Trade Facilitation – Company-to-Company Facilitation

Trade Facilitation – Company-to-Company Facilitation

Serving companies within their jurisdictions to enter new markets or improve their position in an existing market is currently part of Zurcom’s service range. Efforts are focused on individual company requirements and can be built around unique requirements or events that include many companies (i.e. trade missions).

Trade/Investment Workshops and Seminars

Trade/Investment Workshops and Seminars

Zurcom’s staff arrange symposia, workshops, seminars, site visits, special speakers, specialty consulting papers with recommendations. Zurcom’s Director has prepared and completed workshops on selling into the African and American markets and has done professional speaking in a score of countries. He has completed workshops on the culture of doing business in the North American or Africa markets. Presentations and information are gears from a practitioner’s perspective and is done with experience that is driven through successful sales for companies in new markets.

Trade Missions

Trade Mission

Our office has completed over 130 trade missions coming to Africa as well as buyer/sellers missions to the USA and other locations.

Zurcom is continually working on broadening its trade network having worked with companies from around the world, including governmental trade missions from the USA, Germany, Netherlands, India, Singapore and Southern African countries.